AWS Storage Solutions.

AWS Storage Solutions

We want our clients to be able to resolve their technological challenges in digital innovation, transformation, and acceleration. At Sophos Solutions, we offer a specialized portfolio of professional services for the implementation of Primary Storage capabilities -for fast and secure storage -, Archiving solutions -to save information using standards that cover the most demanding fulfillment requirements-, Backup and Recovery solutions -for data protection in the cloud or extending the current protection strategy under a hybrid model- and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery -for disaster preparation and response without affecting the business core-.

Our service benefits:

Knowledge and experience in:

  • Specialized Storage and Archiving architecture design based in the cloud that covers the different cases uses required by the client.
  • Development of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Datacenter integration and extension under a hybrid model.
  • Projects based on agile methodologies and DevSecOps practice.
  • Standardized deployments by way of Infrastructure as code.

Design and development of AWS architectures that are highly resilient, reach max performance, are secure, involve low coupling, and are cost-effective. At Sophos, we seek knowledge and expertise, which is why we have an interdisciplinary team that’s qualified and certified in AWS technologies with whom we seek the best alternatives to satisfy even the most demanding needs.

AWS services that help clients in their Storage strategy

  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Amazon S3 and S3 Glacier
  • Amazon EFS and FSx
  • CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
  • EBS
  • AWS DataSync
  • AWS Backup Solutions

Why Sophos?

For us just as for AWS, passion for the client makes up a fundamental part of our DNA and we want to positively impact our client’s business, delivering value through a service that allows them to optimize their workloads and get the most potential out of AWS technologies to develop their businesses and foster the delivery of new capabilities to their users in a way that’s agile, efficient, and secure.

For more than 13 years, Sophos has demonstrated a solid position in the regional market, working from the perspective of connecting ourselves closely with our clients to understand their requirements as if they were our own, and by doing so, surpassing the most demanding expectations in the delivery of our services. Thanks to the evolution that originates from our commitment, we have been able to successfully compete in a more and more dynamic and globalized market, in which the most important companies in the financial sector that stand out are those who, due to their own nature and high demands from regulatory entities, demand high quality standards that we strategically supply through our experience, excellent human talent and great relationship with our business partner AWS.

In Sophos, we seek to strengthen the relationship with our clients so that they can obtain the greatest potential from AWS technologies, with the aim of leveraging the delivery of new capabilities that help develop their businesses much more efficiently.


our team.

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