Sophos Solutions apoya a InverCap en su deseo de brindar más y mejores beneficios a sus clientes

As a result of a large co-creation process developed by Sophos Solutions centers of excellence, today, InverCap has excellent user experience in their self-service branch model.

InverCap Afore is an administrator of Mexican retirement funds that has the main goal of providing more and better benefits to their clients. It was formed in 2005 and since then, has been positioned in the first places of service, fulfilling the development of their goal. In 2013, it was recognized as “The best administrator of retirement funds in Mexico” by World Finance, and by 2019, it already had more than 1.78 million clients.

Thanks to the company’s never-ending search to improve their service and keep in mind the new dynamics established by the health initiatives of 2020, InverCap came to Sophos Solutions in search of strategic and assertive planning to improve service in situ; following a workshop led by innovation management, a common goal was born: “Evolve at the rate of our clients’ expectations offering memorable experiences”.

It is with clear goals that the Digital Transformation Center of excellence, Sophos Solutions Channel and Switch begins the lifting of requirements and giving form to the InverCap’s self-service branch model, with a dedication of approximately 1,430 hours and the teamwork of the UX/UI and Testing centers of excellence.

This project on the inside of Sophos Solutions was a great opportunity to demonstrate good work dynamics, learning, and open communication which resulted in excellent customer service, deliveries with 100% fulfillment, and included the project ending at an earlier date than what had initially been established.

We know the client’s needs well before beginning development; this was key to achieve project fluidity and excellent internal and external results” said Diego Franco, Service Manager for Sophos Solutions.

Publicado: julio 13, 2022

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