Academic Background

Degree in Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science or related fields.


Professional in systems engineering, computing or electronics, with postgraduate studies, specialization and/or master’s degree in architecture. Desirable certifications associated with DevSecOps, with a minimum of 3 years as a DevOps Consultant or Engineer.
Experience designing and deploying applications with Azure DevOps, Jenkins, SonarQube, JFrog, Maven, or Gradle. Experience in DevOps consulting, implementation of DevSecOps practices.
Configuring pipelines with SonarQube code, code security validators like Fortify, DevSecOps patterns.
Relational and non-relational databases. Experience implementing DevSecOps pipelines in clouds like AWS and/or Azure. Agile methodologies such as Scrum.

English Proficiency

B2 or Above

Work Location


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