What is CAS?

CAS – Assistance Control is a digital tool designed to facilitate the operational management and internal monitoring of all events carried out by the company CAS was conceived in such a way that it allows to cover all of the details: From attendance control to report generation, event creation and administration; invitations to attend these events and the performance evaluation during their execution; all this through two user profiles: Instructor and Administrator.

Key Functions:

Event Creation / Management: This consists of a series of tools that facilitate the administrator’s role, as well as event creation, management, and cancellation, including event invitations.

Attendance control: This allows administrators and instructors to monitor event attendance as well as to supervise the performance throughout the event, and then have the possibility of generating reports related to the execution of an event.

How did AWS help us in the project?

AWS has helped our project by allowing us to use Serverless applications, thereby optimizing costs, this being a pay-per-use modality. Additionally, it has made it easier for us to experience the Lambda services at an early stage thanks to the free layer they offer. This has accelerated business delivery times since environments can be provisioned quickly without the need to purchase infrastructure. The advantages of Dynamo DB have also been used, allowing us to have self-scalable non-relational databases that respond to the application’s needs, as it provides an SDK for Node.js which is easy to learn and easy to use.

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