Testing Factory

Sophos offers specialized testing services focused directly on the core of your business, supported by mature strategies and methodologies that allow us to guarantee the success and quality of our projects.


  • Our testing area has a base team consisting of solution

    experts, a delivery manager, methodology experts, and project managers who seek to ensure a proper management of the projects.

  • The profile of our test analysts is technical, which guarantees the understanding and support in the resolution of incidents.

  • Our base team has an expert in architecture, automation, and DevOps exclusive to the testing area.

  • Our testing area was designed to guarantee an extensive knowledge of our clients’ business, products and processes, ensuring value deliveries in our projects.


Functional Testing

Comprehensive testing, system testing, and acceptance testing

Nonfunctional Testing

Volume, load, stress, usability, maintenance, security, and portability testing.

Static Reviews

Test Automation


At Sophos we work according to the needs of our clients and plan our projects with the most apt methodology according to the type of the project. We have major projects executed with agile methodologies generating permanent value deliveries and continuous deployments through the DevOps framework with important automation components.

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