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Sophos Solutions, a company of the COLOMBIA SECURITIES BANK BUSINESS GROUP announces its participation as a member of the Colombia Fintech guild, an important reference within the technology and innovation industry, and a strategic actor of the digital economy in our country.

The announcement represents the strategic alliances that the company is consolidating with Fintech ecosystems in the region, and the organization’s effort to link market players associated with the world of digital transformation.

Sophos builds its path of success every day thanks to its expertise in IT products and services for the core banking, capital markets, comprehensive information management, and data analysis. This success is ratified by its leadership in the financial and stock market sector.

With 12 years in the market, this multi-Latin organization has managed to contribute to the technological development of the major Banks and Financial Institutions in the country; and for the past few years, it has become a benchmark company in countries such as Mexico, Panama, and Chile, where the current strategy focuses on expansion and growth.

Presenting the best alternatives in digital transformation solutions and innovative practices that would exceed customer expectations is the mission established by the company’s president, Mauricio Mosseri.

The organization’s growth has been exponential and the results have led to successful business arrangements with banks in Colombia such as Grupo Aval, Bancolombia, and Banco Occidente; Banco Falabella in Chile, Banistmo in Panama and Mizuho Bank in Mexico, and the United States.

One of Sophos’ competitive advantages is the human talent that has shaped the company. They have the ability to support their clients during their most difficult challenges, becoming a strategic actor in the development and evolution of their processes, in order to achieve the complete digital transformation desired by our organization.

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