Software Factory

Maintenance, construction, and implementation of software solutions, applying agile and traditional methodologies, taking advantage of the latest technologies and cloud-based capabilities, striving for the best cost-benefit ratio for our customers.


  • Creation of applications through our Centers of Excellence (CoE) taking advantage of different technologies and experiences in one single place, with the aim of obtaining outstanding results in shorter times and with the desired quality.

  • Cost-benefit optimization of projects through the implementation of cloud-based services, as we have alliances with the main cloud technology suppliers, such as AWS and Azure.

  • DevOps Application development for the complete automation of processes, through continuous integration and continuous deployment, to accelerate time-to-market, reduce the error rate, and generate the least possible impact on the business.

  • Important clients in the financial sector have relied on our services for more than a decade.

  • Our extensive experience in the financial sector application development allows us to quickly identify our clients’ specific needs.

  • We have successfully executed hundreds of bespoke software development projects.



At Sophos we work according to the needs of our clients and plan our projects with the most apt methodology according to the type of the project. We are currently executing major projects under agile methodologies that allow us to see early benefits, and a constant balance between the needs of our customers and the products delivered with a superior result and value.

Agile based on SCRUM

Traditional based on hybrid CMMI-PMI

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