We’re pleased to announce this agreement with Sophos that will ensure that clients who use Lumina will have the best possible service and support. Likewise, it will allow Lumina to concentrate on their main business.

This partnership marks a significant change in our focus to work with system integrators to implement Lumina. As we continue to experience a growth in license sales despite the difficult economic environment, we need to be able to increase our service capacity more quickly than we have been able to so far.

I am excited about the prospect of working together with Sophos! I’m confident in the benefits this partnership will bring for both Lumina and our clients, who will benefit from our technology and constant innovation in R+D, while Sophos will provide world class professional services in integration and support. With this agreement, our respective strengths will complement each other to offer the solution that both our clients and the market need.
Alejandro Rogel, Sales Director, Lumina.

We formed our partnership with Lumina with two elements in mind: one is the needs of clients based in capital market solutions, and the other was our search for an agreement with a regional partner.

This agreement with Lumina opens important doors for us with various companies and prospective clients we did not previously have access to. The regional aspect of this partnership allows us to offer experience in multiple countries in Latin America, as well as complementing other partners to a certain degree by improving out value offering and making it more regional, as Lumina is very strong in areas such as capital market front office modules and middleware layers. We have great hopes for this partnership to be able to create a very strong, proactive risk assessment and validation module for the capital markets sector. It is a strong, regional, fresh collaboration. They understand our concepts and I believe that it will bring us great benefits.
Raúl Zarate, Vice President of Sales, Sophos Solutions.

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