bvc y Sophos Solutions join NXTP to incorporate innovation through Fintech startups in Bogotá, on November 13.

Bogotá, November 13, 2019.The Colombian Stock Exchange – bvc-. and Sophos Solutions launched the “Fintech Connection” program aimed at the most innovative Fintech startups in Latin America.

Through this initiative, startups with the capacity to offer innovative digital solutions that can complement the products and services of bvc and Sophos, and that contribute to the technological transformation of the Latin American financial sector will be selected. The program was launched in conjunction with NXTP, leader in corporate innovation within the region.

The search focuses on Latin American startups that are developing innovative products or services in areas such asbig data and artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, cyber security, and trading.

In addition to exploring business opportunities with bvc and Sophos, participating startups will receive specialized mentoring mentoring to align their value proposition with bvc, the leading infrastructure operator in the Colombian capital market, and with Sophos Solutions, a company specialized in IT products and services, and in the digital transformation for the financial and stock market sector. Both companies will act as ideal allies for the growth of the selected startups.

Diego Fernández, CFO of bvc, says: “Through this initiative, the bvc group shows its commitment to the transformation and development of the capital market by involving all participants, thereby contributing to the country’s growth.”

In turn, Mauricio Mosseri, President of Sophos, commented: “Startups that are linked to Fintech Connection will be able to associate their products with very valuable names and brands in the market, such as bvc and Sophos, in addition to achieving recognition in the region’s financial ecosystem, and offering its products and services together with us, not only in their country of origin, but potentially in any country in the region.”

For his part, Ignacio Dodero, CEO of NXTP Corporate Partners, said: “We are very happy to launch this program with bvc and Sophos Solutions. From NXTP Corporate Partners we have been working on building the Fintech ecosystem since 2015, and we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to continue promoting Latam Fintech startups by connecting them with large companies such as bvc and Sophos Solutions. We are convinced that the business relationship between large companies and startups generates significant mutual benefits.”

Startups interested in participating in the program can visit, where they can find the application form and more information about the program.

About bvc

We are the connection point between people’s dreams and businesses’ need for growth, leading the transformation of the capital market, and making a positive contribution to the country’s economic development. Bolsa Valores de Colombia is the leading infrastructure operator in the Colombian capital market with a presence throughout the value chain.

About Sophos

Sophos is a Colombian multinational company created by investors and visionaries from India, offering services in the areas of Consulting, Core Banking Implementation, Digital Transformation, Testing & Validation Services, Cloud Management & Infrastructure and bespoke Software development, majorly for companies in the financial and stock market sectors.

It has expert consultants from all over the world, who have brought a sense of security and trust to our clients, supported by its experience, and by successful alliances with global players in the IT industry

About NXTP

NXTP is an early stage entrepreneurial capital firm that invests in technology startups that generate a positive scaled impact throughout Latin America. With its first fund, NXTP has invested in more than 190 startups in the last 8 years. Additionally, it manages a second fund focused on Series A, through which it has already made 5 investments. Likewise, the firm executes innovation programs for corporations that seek to innovate through the integration, investment and acquisition of technology-based startups, and manages entrepreneurial capital corporate funds of different sizes and segments. It has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Silicon Valley.

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