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Sophos Solutions received three awards at the AWS Partner Summit 2022

Being Service Partner of the Year motivates us to continue innovating. At Sophos, we are on the edge of new technologies and market methodologies, and we adapt them into an agile form for our clients. We are cocreators of flexible solutions related to the cloud; applying tendencies like artificial intelligence and Blockchain, which open the door to new business alternatives.

Financial Industry Solutions in the new future

Over the years, the financial industry has evolved and transformed itself to adapt to new generations – generations that are more demanding and who have little in common with what some would call traditional. As Eduardo Farah, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, states: “The current path of banks is working together.”

Why do pronouns matter?

This month, we commemorate an important landmark in the fight for the respect of diversity in the world: LGBTQ+ Pride. 53 years ago, for the first time, a group of people raised their voices for rights for their community, said no more to abuse, and started a long path to visibility that still has not ended.

Let’s bring critical thinking back to programming!

In the current environment, with the whole of the tech industry turning toward services (in all their variations), we are seeing the roles professionals in the industry fulfill increasingly siloed

Sophos Solutions supports InverCap in their desire to provide more and better benefits to their clients

As a result of a large co-creation process developed by Sophos Solutions centers of excellence, today, InverCap has excellent user experience in their self-service branch model

Unleashing Creativity

Believe it or not, you are a creative person. Creativity is the capacity every person possesses to generate new and useful ideas to solve a specific challenge. Ken Robinson, a pioneer in creativity

Innovation is not a responsibility exclusive to leaders and entrepreneurs

For a long time, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of innovation and creativity in different settings in our society, more recently, in the world of idea production, business
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